Making the most of SuccessFactors Career Development Planning

Making the most of SuccessFactors Career Development Planning



SuccessFactors Career Development Planning

During any implementation for SuccessFactors Career Development Planning Module, one question seems to be universal – “Its great, but can we open it up for employees ?”

For long, career development has been focused at managers and their guidance to help the employees develop within the organization. But there seems to be a definite paradigm shift currently where a transparent and effective system needs to be in place. “DIY” seems to be mantra.

SuccessFactors Career Development Planning does provide a great platform to enable the employees

Here are a few factors that the HR needs to ensure so as to realize the full utility of the system in place.


1. Comprehensive Competency Model: The whole model of career worksheet and its readiness evaluation depends entirely on the competency model. HR needs to first ensure that the right competency models are in place, specifically an exhaustive job specific competency model.

2. Defined Career Path: The main utility of SuccessFactors Career Development Planning lies in providing the employees with career possibilities within the organization. As an employee the worst situation I can imagine to be in is when I do not know the answer to the question – “What Next? “. It puts the person into a black out zone where there is no clarity in terms of where am I headed within the company and what do I need to do.

3. Effective Evaluation system: The employees need to be regularly evaluated on their competencies. This is the crux of a readiness calculator. The readiness meter can only be as accurate and as updated as your competency evaluation and hence regular and comprehensive competency evaluation is required to realize the full potential of the readiness meter.

4. Comprehensive Training catalog: The whole purpose of career development is lost if the employees have no ways to close the gaps and to ensure they develop themselves on their competencies. Right training and competency targeted training is essential.

The four factors are just the sanity check, and of course one needs to have well rounded policies around the career development in order to make sure the employees are engaged, enabled and developed.

Make the most of the CDP and hopefully no exiting employees shall say “I quit because I find better career opportunities elsewhere”

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