Rolling Arrays -Providing a Sustainable HR Transformation

Admin on Dec. 24, 2018 “Irrespective of the Industry, the employees of a company are paramount in forming its core characteristics. “This bold statement comes from a recognized HR transformation leader and entrepreneur-Manu Khetan, the founder and CEO of Rolling Arrays. The industry veteran take this to be his gospel truth because e lays immense importance in employee engagement ,which he believes will foster better productivity at work .He opines that the current wave of technology led HR transformation in the global business environment has led organizations to focus on...
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Transform Your HR with Rolling Arrays

Admin on Dec. 17, 2018 Rolling Arrays consulting is a leading provider end-to-end HR solution that enables customers to attract, develop and retain the talent best fit for their business. Following their CEO, Manu Khetan’s success as the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2018 – HR Transformation in CV’s Corporate Excellence Awards, we profiled the firm to gain an insight into their innovative ways.Established in 2009, Rolling Arrays consulting is Asia’s premier award-winning HR transformation company, headquartered in Singapore with offices in seven countries. Rolling Arrays has successfully delivered...
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Why you should Join HR Tech Consulting Team of Rolling Arrays ?

Born from an entrepreneurial passion, and designed to be inventive solution partner, Rolling Arrays’ mission is to automate and strategically align HR processes of organizations to support present and future business requirements. In other words, our passion is to implement an agile HR IT strategy for our customers which is flexible and future-proof. Through our work in the field of SAP SuccessFactors System Implementation and HR Consulting, logistic companies secure travel, music companies attune their...
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Commoditization of SAP SuccessFactors Implementation Projects: Yes or No?

The forces of commoditization are powerful than ever. If you are an HR leader who wants to transform your company’s HR to a digital employee experience, and you have picked an HR Technology i.e., SAP SuccessFactors as your choice; then the next step is to choose an Implementation partner who can Implement the SAP SuccessFactors as per your HR Transformation vision. But, the big question is— Is Implementation Service of SAP SuccessFactors becoming a commodity? In business literature, commoditization is defined as a process in which goods...
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Rolling Arrays is Thriving in Dubai

Rolling Arrays, an award winning premium HR Transformation company and SAP Gold Partner, is navigating the successful expansion by bringing another region to cloud platform. This time it’s engulfing the Gulf Region in Dubai. Some of the highlights of Rolling Arrays Consulting MENA FZ LLC:Expanding Portfolio: Backed by the proven expertise reaped from 100+ SAP SuccessFactors projects with 50+ clients in SEA region, Rolling Arrays has yet again demonstrated itself as a leader in providing seamless HR Transformation projects by winning 5 out of 5 bids for SuccessFactors Projects in the region. The players...
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What type of HR Analytics are you looking at?

I ended my last article on the note – How to sustain and measure the impact of an HR Transformation Project. Broadly speaking, there are two aspects to it: First would be ‘HR Data Foundation’ (Data Quality and Data Quantity), and Second would be HR Analytics for effective decision making As trivial as these may sound, it’s a rarity for an organization to have all three - quality, quantity and mature reporting. In this article, I will try if I can leave you with the thought that if your ‘HR Data Foundation’...
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For a Rolling 2016, Thank You !

As we continue our journey as Asia’s premier HR Transformation company, each day is a milestone for us in creating value for our clients and team. Here is a quick glimpse of our journey in 2016:Major SuccessFactors Go-lives, 2016 With our philosophy of “Every Single Project, Every Single Time” our Delivery Team added more than a dozen HR Transformation Projects Go Live in Asia, ANZ and Middle East to it’s credit, spanning across more than 20 Countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait spread across a gross...
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HR Transformation: You Don’t have to Boil the Ocean at Once

Doesn’t HR Transformation of any organization talk on the similar lines?HR organizations are rapidly undertaking a wide range of initiatives to better support their people and the business, including re-engineering key HR processes, refocusing core HR roles and capabilities, moving toward shared services and implementing new HRMS systems. And if you’re embarking upon big changes like...
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Why do you think Complexity is hindering HR Teams’ Success?

HR Transformation

Why do you think complexity is hindering HR teams’ success? What seems like a blessing in disguise is also one of the biggest challenges in the business world of employing global workforces diverging in age, gender, education and culture. The modern workforce is far more connected, diverse and collaborative and dynamic than ever before, which have nonetheless created unparalleled workforce complexities that are now impacting the business directly based on a survey conducted...
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What Type of HR Transformation Are You Looking At ?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the statement stands true in the context of HR as well. HR management today is no more associated with human resources of even last decade.  It is, today, on the cusp of transforming the entire professional platform. Excessive global expansion and the changing characteristics of...
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Leadership: A Challenging Concern


Leadership: A Challenging Concern of the Future Businesses have evolved, and technology has taken over the crux of the work that once was handed down to human capital to manage. But, the one pertaining concern persists around the globe across all industries; the challenge of being an impactful leader has increased nonetheless. Referring to the 2015 global research conducted by Deloitte on “Human Capital Trends” the second most talked about concern by HR leaders...
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Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity

Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity By scaling informal learning processes across your company, each employee can benefit from collective knowledge – without interrupting their colleagues or diverting limited time and resources from other objectives. With many experienced Baby Boomer employees nearing retirement, now is a critical time to capture their knowledge in order to maintain continuity in the future. While social technologies certainly can play a direct role in increasing productivity and knowledge capture, they can...
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