Empowering more than

500,000 users across APAC

Unit4 Prosoft HRMS provides a complete and seamless solution for HR management, from routine leave and payroll administration to complex appraisal management. The solution scales from small and midsize business up to multinationals and public service sector agencies.

Prosoft HRMS doesn’t just Simplify

your Processes – it Empowers your Employees to Accomplish More.


Personnel – Ease and enhance employee database management. Track all employee information, including historical changes, and provide easy retrieval of information.

Payroll – Simplify and computerize the tedious task of calculating employees’ wages. Define multiple pay runs, allowances and deductions that are applicable to every employee with detailed reports.

Leave – Define unlimited types of leave. Ensure accuracy with leave management among employees and managers.

Attendance – Calculate time elements based on clock timings captured by electronic clocks. Manage viewable attendance, overtime hours, overtime approval and payments.

Resource Booking – Eliminate scheduling problems among resources and facilities, increasing your teams’ efficiency and saving time.

Claim – Allow various trackable claims for entitlements or reimbursements via payroll. Submit multiple claims in one app.

Time Clocks – Together with the Leave module, manage organizational time and attendance using state-of-the-art Time Clocks, including Face Recognition, Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Handpunch, Barcode, Magnetic and Proximity.


Appraisal – Replace manual appraisal forms with a more flexible paperless environment.

Training – Easily organize and oversee the training and learning, which employees need to successfully complete their job.

Talent Management – Harness the power of your organization’s talent pool to help staff achieve their potential and ensure critical roles are safeguarded.

Manpower – Streamline and standardize the manpower requisition process and gather essential data to support more effective resource planning and budgeting.

Forms – Automate and streamline the collection and processing of data from employees.

Recruitment – Gain a one-stop hiring management resource to streamline your recruiting operations, saving time and money through integration, automation and collaboration.


The Simple yet Effective Choice

If you are looking for a complete, seamless, cost-effective solution to manage all your HR needs with quick implementation – Prosoft is the best fit.

Prosoft has been voted one of the best HRMS solutions for small & mid sized businesses.

Prosoft HRMS has modules that support every facet of your HR management:

  • Plan Scheduling and Record Work
  • Build and Enhance Your Talent
  • Reduce Administrative Burden

Prosoft has been voted one of the best HRMS vendors because it doesn’t just simplify HR processes – it empowers employees to accomplish more.

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