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Why do you think Complexity is hindering HR Teams’ Success?

HR Transformation

Why do you think complexity is hindering HR teams’ success? What seems like a blessing in disguise is also one of the biggest challenges in the business world of employing global workforces diverging in age, gender, education and culture. The modern workforce is far more connected, diverse and collaborative and dynamic than ever before, which have nonetheless created unparalleled workforce complexities that are now impacting the business directly based on a survey conducted...
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Leadership: A Challenging Concern


Leadership: A Challenging Concern of the Future Businesses have evolved, and technology has taken over the crux of the work that once was handed down to human capital to manage. But, the one pertaining concern persists around the globe across all industries; the challenge of being an impactful leader has increased nonetheless. Referring to the 2015 global research conducted by Deloitte on “Human Capital Trends” the second most talked about concern by HR leaders...
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Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity

Social Tools to Improve Employee Productivity By scaling informal learning processes across your company, each employee can benefit from collective knowledge – without interrupting their colleagues or diverting limited time and resources from other objectives. With many experienced Baby Boomer employees nearing retirement, now is a critical time to capture their knowledge in order to maintain continuity in the future. While social technologies certainly can play a direct role in increasing productivity and knowledge capture, they can...
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