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Payroll & Time Management
Rolling Arrays is an expert in SAP Human Capital Management and has deep knowledge about the latest HR technology. Rolling Arrays ensures that each project be designed and delivered to transform HR into a Strategic Business unit for the company.

Payroll Management


Based on your business needs and corporate policies, we recommend whether to keep Payroll Management in-house and select the right product for the same or to outsource it. We suggest you whether to clean-up existing process or to integrate the with a new HR module to make it more comprehensive. We also recommend you if it needs to be built from scratch or if it needs to be outsourced to make your payroll management a simple smooth and an automated process. We assist you in consolidating your core human resources (HR) and payroll operations on a common global platform without disrupting key business and HR operations.

The solution can be:

Cleaning up the current system

Cleaning up the current system

Integration with new system

Integration with new system

Outsourcing of the payroll

Outsourcing of the payroll

Combination of all the above

Combination of all the previous

We align the payroll process with your business needs and automate it. This allows you to focus on core business functions along with streamlining your ability to stay on top of your legal and regulatory responsibilities.

We recommend you the perfect solution based on the size of the company.

Time Management

Positive Time Management and Negative Time Management

Time Management

A streamlined business process to manage time and attendance effectively will lead to improved operational efficiency in managing compliance risk and in increasing workforce productivity. HRM is used across industries but we understand that there are processes which are industry specific. For example in a Manufacturing Industry a company requires Positive Time Management to manage the shifts, schedules, roosters, overtimes, hourly wages.

Positive Time Management Process


On the other hand, a management consultancy uses Negative Time Management to calculate attendance, leaves etc.

Negative Time Management


But, we understand that it is not that simple to divide the time management requirements cross-industry in Positive and Negative Time Management because there are companies which require combination of both too.

So, we analyze your specific business needs and accordingly recommend the best solution for the Time Management in terms of:

  • To rip and replace the existing process or to re-implement it
  • To go on cloud, to be on premise or combination of both
  • The processes, softwares and the hardwares

We align the complete time management process as per your specific business requirements and Automate it!

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