Own your Payroll,
Outsource the Maintenance

Powered by SAP, RollPay provides organizations with a robust solution to process payroll, time & attendance and other HR transactions and reporting. With us, you get on-going support across geographies to help you stay on top of country specific requirements and technical challenges.

How does RollPay compare with other payroll options ?

Top-Tier Payroll Products
  • Support multiple country payroll and compliance changes
  • Need in-house technical team to maintain
  • Costly to implement new requirements
Payroll Outsourcing Services
  • Payroll processes are outsourced to other firm
  • Tends to use low-end payroll to maintain better margins
  • Combines top-tier payroll products with technical service
  • You own the payroll processes
  • Support multiple country payroll
3rd Tier Payroll Products
  • Local product rarely support multiple country payroll
  • Compliance changes may not be fully reflected

Who would benefit from RollPay


If you are looking for a cloud payroll system to manage your multi-country payroll
If you are looking to outsource your payroll to a provider who can run multi-country payroll
If you are using SuccessFactors and plan to consolidate payroll to one system
If you are using SAP HR and want to migrate payroll to a single integrated system
If you are using SAP Finance and want to migrate payroll to a single integrated system

What RollPay Offers

top-tier technology Icon

A top-tier technology to run payroll and core HR processes – integrated with SAP products

experienced technical team Icon

An experienced technical team to advise, implement and maintain the system in multiple countries

quarterly pricing model Icon

A quarterly pricing model that give you more flexibility to scale your operation

How Does RollPay Works ?

Complete functional and technical components that are pre-integrated with SAP

Complete functional and technical components

Key benefits

  • Pre-configured Payroll System based build on top of SAP Multi Country Payroll Driver.
  • Pre-build connector to SAP SuccessFactorsPre-build connector to
  • SAP Finance system for seamless Payroll posting to SAP Finance systems

Some of the Benefits RollPay Pre-configured SAP Payroll on cloud

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Dashboard view for quick prioritization
  • Web-based system accessible anywhere
  • Maintain and show employees data in a central repository
  • Saves maintenance time and effort through employee self service
  • Pre-Integrated data between SAP Core HR, talent management solutions and SAP Finance
  • Configured and updated based on local statutory requirements
  • Pre-configured reports based on statutory requirement
  • Pre-configured pay elements for rapid adoption (i.e. hourly, daily or monthly wage workers)
  • SAP payroll framework is extensible and integrated with SAP Finance systems
  • Tailored report based on business needs
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