Manu Khetan on Maximizing ROI from HR Analytics

Manu Khetan on Maximizing ROI from HR Analytics

20th January 2016 Singapore

Manu Khetan, CEO and Founder of Rolling Arrays, addressed HR leaders about “Maximizing Your Return on Investment from HR Analytics” in HR Analytics, Insights and Implementation Forum APAC 2016.


Manu Khetan, a recognized HR Transformation leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, shared his expertise about how to use HR Analytics, how enterprises can leverage endless benefits of efficiently using HR Analytics and formulate it into their HR and business. In this session Manu discussed about:

  • Building a foundation – what data do you have to get key analytics?
  • Building insight – how do you get key insights that are most relevant for decision making?
  • Building a process – how do you ensure that your analytics can provide continual insight?

The inaugural HR Analytics, Insights and Implementation Forum APAC 2016 delves into the rise of HR analytics and its transformational effects on the role of HR leaders in this age of Big Data. Global gathering of HR experts in Singapore to share know-how to build an evidence-based HR culture that adds value to the business, maximize predictive talent analytics to pro-actively address top human capital challenges and develop actionable plans for implementation while avoiding potential pitfalls.

The session was attended by global HR leaders at Shangri La Hotel at 11:45 AM on 19th January 2016 at HR Analytics, Insights and Implementation Forum APAC 2016.

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