Manu Khetan about Future Workforce

Manu Khetan shared his thoughts about ‘Future Workforce’ at HRM Asia Event

21-22nd October 2015 Singapore

Manu Khetan, CEO and Founder of Rolling Arrays, addressed HR leaders about “Leading the Digital Transformation in a Disruptive World of IoT” in HRM Asia’s Future Workforce Summit 2015.

Manu Khetan, a recognized technology leader known for crafting the requisite strategic vision to achieve business goals, shared his expertise about how the capabilities and scale of IoT is predicted to be so rapid and pervasive. Following are some of the clips of from his session:

What can be Digital Trends in 2025?

How HR Leaders can adopt Future Disruptive Technologies? Why it’s Important?

Importance of Sensing and Adopting Next Generation Disruptive Technology

How to Make "Lean Workforce" a Reality? The Virtualized Workforce

Lean Workforce the Re-Imagined "Workforce-As-A-Service"

In Internet of Things (IoT), Who Should be held Responsible for a Mistake – Man or the Machine?

How a Technology Becomes Disruptive?

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