H2RA becomes a qualified SAP Business All-in-One Solution

H2RA becomes a qualified SAP Business All-in-One Solution

H2RA is a qualified SAP Business All-in-One Partner Solution. Built on the standard SAP Human Capital Management solution, H2RA will give you the World’s most comprehensive and integrated HR system. H2RA is best fit for companies who are looking for the most integrated and comprehensive HCM solution to power their businesses from Human Resources perspective. With fixed-scope, fixed-price and fixed-timeframe H2RA will help you to gain the system benefits at the soonest in a very competitive price. H2RA offers you:

  • Comprehensive HCM functionality Broad and deep HCM business functionality that leverages industry-specific best practices
  • Flexibility Tailored to match your business needs
  • Scalability Solution that grows and adapt as your business needs change
  • Reliability Best in class precision engineered software leveraging SAP’s 35+ years of industry leadership in business applications

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