A Consultative Approach to

HR Transformation

Transform HR into a Strategic Partner in your Organization

We provide HR Leaders with unique insights to streamline their operations, reduce costs of HR service delivery and transform the performance and role of HR.

When Tweaks aren’t enough, its time for Transformation

Everyone in your organization needs the power to do their jobs efficiently, collaborate on actionable insights and make informed decisions. Depending on your business objectives, the talent solutions you adopt must be specific to the changes your business is anticipating.

What is your business challenge today?



Fast-growing companies, regardless of industry or size, face very similar challenges that relate to scaling a business. Streamlined recruiting and onboarding workflows will help you acquire the workforce to grow customer base and drive revenue.



In the competitive business environment your talent management strategy must help you to maintain high performance so that you can have accurate and updated information about your talent, their performance and most importantly to identify the top performers who can assist your company in gaining competitive advantage.



When you launch a new line of business or expanding to a new geography, your organization needs to improve collaboration and map out internal talent pools using a robust succession planning process.



When your organization is transforming with the market or changing the market itself; when you are introducing new ideas, processes, workflows, methodologies, services or products – you need the ability for your organization to collaborate and communicate effectively to facilitate continuous leaning and knowledge capture.

Our Business Process Architects will work with your team to document the current processes at a detailed functional level to have an insight about current state workflow and bottlenecks. Upon completion, we will provide a detailed report with specific recommendations of areas for improvement and relevant industry metrics to develop a business case. Schedule an HR Consultation Session

Our Three Step Transformation Approach

Rolling Arrays consultative HR Transformation approach provides insights into how to make changes and streamline your HR Business Processes. By reviewing your current HR processes and understanding your strategic goals, Rolling Arrays will guide you in designing the implementation roadmap that aligns to your long-term strategic HR Initiatives.


Uncover priorities and key focus areas with key stakeholders

  • Understand the strategic goals of the business
  • Identify key business pain points
  • Determine prioritization of objectives and expected outcomes

Design the desired process, based on the priorities and focused areas from the discovery

  • Uncover Best Practices and how it applies to your organization
  • Map strategic goals with functionalities expected from solution capabilities
  • Consolidate overall solution that would address prioritized expectations and objectives

Technology adoption roadmap

  • Develop overall adoption roadmap including timelines based on prioritization
  • Propose solution design based on potential technology platforms

A Business Process Consultation will help you to:

Growth Understand integrated and end-to-end HR vision, strategy and key business drivers
Identify quantifiable benefits to build the financial justification
Prioritize critical business processes and identify improvement opportunities
Increase efficiency and effectiveness in HR processes
Advise on enhancement for existing critical technology to be competitive
Identify strategic benefits and competitive advantages
Create risk mitigation and a technology implementation roadmap
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