Robert Lim – Speaker at Compensation & Benefit Day’s Event, Indonesia

Managing Compensation in Digital Age

16th March 2016, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia

Robert Limasal, President Director – Rolling Arrays Indonesia, will be addressing the HR leaders about “Managing Compensation in Digital Age” at Compensation and Benefit Day to be held at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta on 16th March 2016. Rolling Arrays Indonesia won Best HR Cloud Partner Award in January 2016 from SAP for its outstanding performance in HR Transformation for businesses in Indonesia in year 2015.

Robert will share his expertise about ‘Managing Compensation in Digital Age’ along with N. Krisbinyanto– Senior Partner at Rolling Arrays Indonesia and PortalHR.

Details about the event:
Compensation & Benefits (ComBen) Day’s event will focus on discussing about the trends and strategies Compensation & Benefit to discuss and explain the results of the latest survey and pastures ComBen senior HR practitioners in react, while discussing the link between talent management strategies Compensation & Benefit Award at the organization.

Discuss ways that the latest analysis and management by displaying a variety of applications as well as learn tips for managing compensation and benefits by using the latest IT application method .

Seminar_Rabu_16_Maret_2016_JW_Marriott_Hotel_Jakarta_Rolling_ArraysEvent Background:
It is undeniable that the current world economy in general and Indonesia in particular are in a poor condition and have a serious impact on almost all sectors of business in many companies. Therefore, companies are required to optimize the posts cost effectively and efficiently, and more importantly is right on target. As part which is often dubbed as a cost center than a revenue center, the Human Resources should be able to make strategic efforts in managing its human resources with the latest approaches and technologies.

For companies, has a talent or a qualified employee, committed, dedicated, productive and have a high loyalty is certainly an ‘asset’ that is crucial for the development of the company in the future. Talent management must be done quickly as possible to ensure the passage of business practices of reliable, effective and accurate in all respects, so that enterprises can derive the greatest benefits in the achievement of business targets. Talent management in the company in the end is related to the issues related to the practice of providing compensation and benefits that must be managed properly.

Compensation & Benefit is one of the integral part in a series of HR Management Strategy. So, important that the whole process of HR Management will be jammed if the system is not well structured. However, the preparation of an effective ComBen is a fairly complicated process, especially in companies that have employees in large quantities. As a logical consequence, the company would have to have not only the strategy but is also supported by a system that can simplify and also can synergize with three basic philosophy that ComBen is fair internally, externally competitive and Affordable . With the rapid advancement of technology, managing ComBen should also adopt the latest ways of relating to the application of the latest technologies that may be a lot or not well understood by practitioners of Human Resources. Source – Event website

A must attend session for all HR leaders and Compensation & Benefits professionals on 16th March at 10:45 AM

Email on to discuss about your ComBen Management and over all HR Transformation queries.

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