5 Ways to Make Your Learning Platform Work – Lessons Learned from Rolling Arrays Learning Workshop

5 Ways to Make Your Learning Platform Work – Lessons Learned from Rolling Arrays Learning Workshop

Singapore: October 12, 2015

What are some worries you have when delivering new learning initiatives? What are some proven methods you’ve tried to engage employees to embrace e-learning?

Rolling Arrays Hong Kong organized a workshop for HR and L&D professionals on “Driving Learning Culture to Accelerate Business Execution” in SAP office. The workshop was attended by over 25 industry professionals participating in a 3-hour discussion.

The workshop covered topics on mobile learning systems, social learning and collaboration tools, strategies for developing a learning framework and embracing e-learning trends. In the workshop, Vicky Kong, Project Manager of Ethos / Swire Group also shared her hands-on experience on HR transformation through SuccessFactors implementation with Rolling Arrays.

We had a very active discussion with our participants from the insurance, retail, finance, properties, trading, garments, education, hospitality and shipping sector.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Most participants are worried about user adoption of e-learning initiatives. It’s not just an age or generation issue. User friendliness, good/ relevant content and effective communication are key to increase adoption.
  • Most participants used multiple metrics to measure learning effectiveness beyond traditional method (i.e. attendance / completion). They are striving to link learning with performance and competency.
  • Mobile friendliness is a must in delivering e-learning contents, but actual roll-out is not as simple. For example, New World Development launched a mobile platform recently and plan on slowly adding more learning functionalities.
  • Companies are using creative means to add basic gamification elements to engage employees on learning (i.e. Xerox’s Great Learner Mileage Program). There is also a greater push to make traditional compliance training more ‘entertaining’ (i.e. Virgin Airline safety video).
  • Success of learning system implementation requires overcoming some steep learning curves, sensitivity to user experience and getting management support early on. A good implementation partner will understand your HR processes and go out of the way to help you overcome these challenges.

We had great pleasure in hosting this event along with our partners SAP and Graval. It is such a rare opportunity to get 25+ HR professional together and contribute to a lively discussion.

We will be doing more similar events in Hong Kong and in the region. Follow us on social media to stay tuned for upcoming events!

Want to discuss your HR transformation queries, email us on info@rollingarrays.com

Organizations that have a strong learning culture significantly outperform their peers. Such organizations have 37 percent greater employee productivity and 34 percent better response to customer needs. They are 58 percent more prepared to meet future demands, and they realize a 17 percent improvement in profitability.


(Source: Bersin by Deloitte)

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