Hybrid Implementation – SAP HR and SF Talent Management

Hybrid Implementation – SAP HR and SF Talent Management



Hybrid Implementation – SAP HR (On-Premise) and SF Talent Management

The typical business drivers that the customers look forward to are –

  • Single source of data
  • Real time integration
  • Seamless under experience
  • Quicker time to value

Such integrated hybrid solutions also come with their own “baggage” as we may put it with respect to security and maintenance. With multiple systems in scope, the IT drivers are typically –

  • Security
  • Seamless integration
  • Ease of maintenance and monitoring

SAP since its acquisition has been investing on delivering an integrated experience with SAP Core HR and SF Talent Management Suites. The message SAP seems to be sending out is pretty clear – “More efficient to Scale than Rip and Replace”.

SF Talent Management

Of course having said that, there has been a significant improvement recently over functionalities that employee central has to offer and the EC Payroll just gives that little nudge to the customers and go ahead with a full-fledged cloud solution.

However, it has to be seen how customers adopt to this idea of payroll and core HR being completely on cloud given that most CIOs are still skeptical about data being put on cloud.

So what are the current options for implementing a Hybrid solution?


With road-map being drawn out for more delivered integration, the hybrid approach delivers a lot of promises in terms of scaling an existing investment and making the most of the exciting talent management modules from SuccessFactors.

Delivered Integrations

Employee Data: (Employee data file with employee and organizational data) Through the extractor add-on, we can now generate the employee data import file in the SF required format for import and schedule the export and import for seamless integration. OR the delivered PI integration allows delta update from SAP to SF for employee data for a more real time integration experience.

Compensation Integration (Pay data and planning results) through the delivered integration, SAP updates SF periodically with the current salary, salary type and currency details which are essential for planning activity and then the compensation administrator may run a program to pull the compensation planning data from SF to SAP anytime they want. This can then feed into the on premise SAP payroll for the payment processing.

Recruiting Management Integration (Candidate Information) Once the recruiting process is completed on the SF recruiting management system, the hired candidates data is sent to SAP core HR from SF and the Admin can execute the employee administration (e.g. new hire) in SAP. The new employee data will then be reflected back in SF as an Employee which will then allow the employee to execute talent management processes.

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