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Concur Technologies is an American travel management company which provides travel and expense management solutions. It was acquired by SAP in 2014.

Travel and Expenses – Better Together

Save time. Save money. Gain control.

Concur services can connect to credit card companies, vendors, travel suppliers, online travel agencies and many other places where your employee will be spending money. The platform will simply capture all the spends as and when they happened. The overall business intelligence then creates dashboards and comprehensive reports to help companies more effectively manage cash flow.

Mobile AppsMobile Apps

Concur Travel

Concur helps companies in booking business travel from a broad selection of in-policy options. The credit card charges are automatically captured and categorized. The mobile app of Concur easily manage trips and itineraries, and capture receipts – all from the mobile phones.

Simplify Business Travel & Expenses

Simplify Business Travel Expenses

Concur Expense

Concur Expense

Easily track, analyze and report on spending

Concur automatically combines credit card and itinerary information and submit with any uploaded cash receipts. Submission and approval of expenses are easy from any mobile phone or internet connection – no paper to clutter up the works.

Concur Invoice

Capture invoices and transaction data directly from airlines, hotels, restaurants and car companies, automatically creating accurate, detailed expense report entries. Workforce can also take photos of receipts with their mobile, saving them time and hassle.

Make expense reporting simple, fast and accurate.

Concur Invoice

An Integrated Solution

for Travel & Expense Management

connected Connected transparent Transparent effortless Effortless
The new level of control and visibility into business expenses with seamless flow of data. Improved compliance and visibility with integrated company expense policies and custom auditing software. End-to-end automated, accelerated and improved expense management with mobile and web-based apps.

An Integrated Solution

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